29th December, 2016 : Dr. MC Modi Eye Hospital Deal thru for implementation
We bag the order from Dr. MC Modi Eye Hospital in Bangalore for implementing YaraGo EMR. Dr. MC Modi was one of the renowned Ophthalmologist in the history of Eye Surgeries in the world.

20th December, 2016 : Addressed Karnataka Silk Seed Producers Association
We were invited by Karnataka Silkworm Seed Association to demonstrate the software developed for Silk Production Units / Grainage Centres. Shankar, CEO and Director and Anand Delivery head brief the entire community on the various advantage of adopting the software. Participants were very keen on the software and specially the ease of use and operating local language, Kannada.

16th December, 2016 : Appreciation from Dr. BS Angadi, Scientist, Ex, Director, NSSO, Central Silk Board
Thanks to Dr. BS Angadi for patiently spending his time along with Dr. E Muniraju Retd. Senior Scientist KSSRDI, Bangalore. We were appreciated for digitizing the entire life cycle of Sericulture industry. Dr. Angadi got “Louis Pasteur Award”, for his exceptional contribution in the sericulture industry which is considered as the Nobel Prize in Sericulture and Silk Industry.

07th December, 2016 : All YaraGo team has celebrated and Cherished 4th Anniversary.
Re-certification Audit conducted on 5th December, 2016; CEO Shankar Yaragoppa thank all the team who are actively taking part in the audit trials. We got certified in 2013 for 9001:2008 and now the company upgraded to ISO 9001:2015.

05th December, 2016 : ISO 9001:2008 Recertification Audit and upgraded to ISO 9001:2015
Probably this was the biggest celebration since the inception of the company and the event voluntarily organized by the team YaraGo and all team members have shared their experiences.
Shankar Yaragoppa, CEO and Anand KR, Delivery Head shared all the milestones and lesson learnt events of 4 years.

29th November, 2016 : Honored as “STARTUP KARNATAKA TOP TECH 25 AWARDS 2016” by Ministry of IT BT Government of Karnataka
It was real pleasure to receive the award along with my team and family on 30th Nov, 2016. The award was issued in the state’s premier IT event, BENGALURU 2016. YaraGo Software Private Limited was honored under initiative as“Startup Karnataka Top Tech-25 Awards 2016” by Government of Karnataka. We were thrilled to receive the award from industry stalwarts Mrs. Sudha Murthy, Mr. Kris Gopal Krishnan (Co-founder of Infosys), and young and visionary IT Minister Mr. Priyank Kharge and other top officials from Dept. of IT, Government of Karnataka.
Some of the advisors, assured and conveyed that YaraGo is in the direction of making social impact on the Agriculture / Sericulture and Healthcare Industry.

22nd November, 2016 : MoU Department of Sericulture, Government of Karnataka
KSSRDI has awarded the project to implement software solution to TEST and GRADE cocoons when farmers bring cocoons to silk markets.

25th-27th Nov 2016 : Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons
Our team has participated in Drishti 2016 held in Kochi created lot of visibility and advance features to Eye Doctors across the state of Kerala.

17th-19th, Nov 2016 : KOSCON-2016 (Karnataka Ophthalmology Society Conference) at Udupi, Karnataka
Participated in the conference with trade investment. Hundreds of ophthalmologists visited our stall for YaraGo EMR demo.

15th Nov, 2016 : Top Korean Executives / Management from 11 companies visited our office
Thanks to all delegates for selecting YaraGo Software for understanding our processes and practice. YaraGo team receive all top officials at our corporate office in Bangalore. We were happy to see the kind of endorsement on our growth.

26th and 27thOctober, 2016 : Participated in NASSCOM PRODUCT CONCLAVE 2016
Participation along with team in NPC-2016 has refreshed our minds and got chance to interact product community, leaders and investment community and Minister for IT BT, Govt. of Karnataka. We see lot appreciation specially investment community about our initiatives and revenue models in the healthcare and Agriculture sector.

26th October, 2016 : Addressing senior Scientists of 22 CSB Seed Production Units across INDIA
It was real pleasure to demonstrate niche solution to all senior scientists participating from 22 production units across INDIA. Our collective R&D Experience over 2.5 years in the Sericulture industry helped us to discuss on core challenges and the scientist community admired our initiatives for the first time in India and CSB proposed couple possible engagements to digitize some of their key areas.

19th October, 2016 : CEO and Delivery along with key engineers visited Keeranagere Chawki to monitor the progress of implementation and seek the customer feedback
Amazing experience of seeing the people in the Chawki Units and their maturity of usage of the software developed in Kannada. We happen record feedback of over 20 users acknowledge the confidence of their team expressed their feedback on how their life become easy and couple them suggested to customize the software from the ease of use stand point.
As of now, our product at Keeranagere Chawki Rearing Centre is currently tracking around 13,000 farmers who procure the silk worms across 5000 villages in Karnataka. 80 Lakhs(10% of Karnatak’s Silk Seed production) DFLS are procurement in the last 6 months of software implementation. Management team of the Chawki appreciated kind of benefits nurtured from 60+reports and confirmed that the management can take informed decisions.

10th October, 2016 : First Implementation of SSP [Software Solution for Silk Seed Producers]
It was really a memorable day for the company that our second product go live today and implemented in Manchi Productions in Ramanagar, Karnataka. The entire team involved in development of SSP gone through many phases to understand the requirements by visiting Grainage centers out there in various villages to transform as a product in the multi lingual and account lot usability issues and developed in the cutting-edge technologies focused to solve multiple challenges of procurement of seed cocoons to selling of disease free layings to rearing units. Team has enjoyed the moment of seeing the response from the customer appreciation on arriving real time production cost.

4th October, 2016 : Meeting with Director, Central Silk Board
Director of Central Silk Board reviewed our product lines developed for Sericulture industry. We were invited to visit Bangalore and Mysore Seed Production Units and suggested to address all scientists across India for further improvement in the digitizing the Silk Industry.

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