Piingle Retail Client Application for Shopping Mall

About Client:

The Client is a Professionally Managed Business Process Solutions Provider specialized in the field of Rewards and Loyalty Management. Work across Industries and Verticals enabling our esteemed clients in Identifying, Retaining and Rewarding their Channel Partners, Clients, Customers and Employees. Loyalty initiatives for Clients are designed to boost their Sales and Member Engagement, Integrating Loyalty Innovations with Core Competent Fulfillment Solutions, State-of-the-Art Web or Mobile Technology and the fastest growing Brand Alliance Network.

Product Functionalities:

  • The Shopping Mall Agents can download and install the Piingle Client through the Web using a Single Click on their POS systems. Agents can also install the Piingle Client through USB or CDs.
  • Piingle Client will be installed rapidly and it is a Rich, Thick Client, but it is a very Light Weight.
  • Piingle Client is connecting through Corporate proxies and all transactions communicates over SSL.
  • Piingle Client will interact over the Web for many types of messages like Transactional Maintenance, Alerts etc.
  • POS Agent can perform Gift Balance, Amount Billing, Product Billing for Customer Gift cards and also he can Issue Gift.
  • Piingle client will be upgraded silently with the Background Process


  • The Client insisted for Automatic Installations for his Product as planned installations were over 50,000.
  • The Client insisted on a User Interface which is not coupled with Business Logics.
  • The Client had concerns with respect to the Turnaround Time of Product Installation and also the availability of Technological Skills for Development Platform which best accommodate for his Commercial Enterprise Demands.
  • Developed Application should be downloadable over the Net and installed quickly using Single Click for all the Platforms of Windows.
  • All Server Handshakes should be in the background for non-vital points and should allow User Interaction to happen while Handshake is in Progress.
  • YaraGo had concerns with Test Data dependencies for Quality Testing.
  • All the Server Side implementation is handled by the Client and insisted to have control of the Entire Process.


  • With MFC, C++ technology YaraGo implemented Product Installation on all the Windows platform, including Retail POS Desktop Systems and Touch Based Screens
  • YaraGo implemented Automatic installing MFC application which can deploy any application through Web Service.
  • The Installer developed was capable of installing Multiple Products and also had the capability of Automatic Installation and Upgradation of the product.
  • Designed the Framework to accommodate the frequent requirement changes from the Client.
  • Prepared Test Data in the initial stages to cater all possible Business Scenario’s and possible Design Changes.
  • YaraGo implemented Agile Methodology for development.
  • YaraGo continued to support the Product with sustaining Engineering Services.


  • MFC/C++

Type of service:

  • Joint Software Development


  • 36 Man/Months-years


  • 2014 - Ongoing


  • YaraGo has incorporated Flexible Application Delivery and Development Paradigms for Piingle to overcoming inherent Staffing Challenges.
  • By Proposing MFC and C++ Technology, YaraGo has ensured the flawless Product Installation on all Windows family, including Retail POS Desktop Systems and Touch Based Screen’s and also offering faster Parallel Processing to ensure faster end users Retail Transaction.
  • With all development objectives met on time, Client continues to benefit from Faster and Friendly Product Installation in Secure Environment.

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